Flock Friday for August 21

For Flock Friday this week, more sad news, I’m afraid. One of the two Rouen ducks went missing on Sunday night. I don’t know what happened to him — I saw him on Sunday, and haven’t seen him since, not even a body or signs of a struggle. So if a raccoon or something grabbed him, it must have dragged him somewhere else.

Anyway, on with the pictures. Here are the ducks messily eating, with one of the Rouens in the foreground:

Ducks eating

Ducks eating

Ducks by the duck house, and (not really visible) ducklings inside:

Ducks by duck house

A GIF of one of the Rouens exiting the pond:

GIF of exiting pond

Splashing to cool off on a hot day:

Splashing to cool off

It was very hot (mid-90’s) over the weekend, so we gave the chickens a frozen treat of corn and peas to help them cool off:

Chickens with frozen treats

Chickens with frozen treats

Chickens with frozen treats

Chickens with frozen treats

Ducks eating again:

Ducks eating

Camilla snuck into the veggie garden when I opened the gate:

Chicken in the veggie garden

Chicken in the veggie garden

Ducks with treats; the last photo of both Rouens:

Ducks with treats

On Sunday, the chickens with another frozen treat:

Chickens with frozen treats

Chickens with frozen treats

Looking at the pond cam, 8 ducks visible on Sunday evening:

8 ducks

The next morning, only 7 ducks; I couldn’t see any evidence of what happened to the second Rouen:

7 ducks

We had two names for the Rouens, Rémy and Raoul, but hadn’t decided on which was which. But now that we only have one, his name is Rémy. RIP Raoul.

Seven ducks eating:

Ducks eating

I went to the feed store for more duckling food. I’m well stocked now; a couple of spare bags of duckling food (the red ones at the back), plus many bags of chicken food, fish food, and mealworms, in the storage area of the new chicken coop (I might need to add another shelf):

Duck and chicken food

Sleepy ducks:

Sleepy ducks

Night ducks:

Night ducks

Ducks on the bank:

Ducks on the bank

This morning, a visit by a blue heron:

Heron and ducks

Heron and ducks

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