More ducklings day 12

Today, several pictures of ducklings on top of the EcoGlow, and in the water dish. Oh, and we’re thinking about names for these ducklings; read on for details.

The newest ducklings are all female: one Khaki Campbell, a breed developed in England, so we want a “C” name suitable to that area, to join Clyde and Cora. Plus one Blue Swedish, so we want a Swedish “S” name to join Sven and Sonja. And four Rouens, which originated in France, so want four suitable “R” names, to join Rémy. We have some ideas, but I’d welcome other suggestions, if you have any.

Last night, I spotted one of the Rouens sitting on top of the EcoGlow heating panel:

Duckling on EcoGlow

They’re supposed to sit under it, but seem to enjoy the top more than underneath. This morning, a Rouen and the Khaki Campbell were both there:

Ducklings on EcoGlow

A duckling in the water dish — which is fine; it’s there as a bathing intro, to literally get their feet wet on the concept:

Duckling in dish

But it’s also available for drinking, at least until they splash all the water out:

Ducklings drinking

Watching me:


It’s fun to stand in the dish:

Duckling in dish

Again on the EcoGlow (and you can see her tongue):

Duckling on EcoGlow

Duckling on EcoGlow


Ducklings on EcoGlow

3 thoughts on “More ducklings day 12

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  2. How about the name Sassa for the Blue Swedish. It means beautiful goddess. Just what Sven deserves.

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