More ducklings day 14

The ducklings are two weeks old today. They’ve grown a lot already, but still have several more weeks of growth ahead of them before they can join the ducks in the pond.

As mentioned yesterday, I introduced them to the paint tray pool a couple of days early, and left it in the duck house full-time, a change from previous ducklings, but I think safe enough.

They took advantage of that with some night wading:

Night wading

In the morning, I refreshed the water, then offered to hand-feed some lettuce. They were hesitant at first:


But soon approached, and took turns grabbing it out of my hand:


I then tossed in some more, and they enjoyed eating them from the tray:


Treats in the pool

Everyone in the pool (did you see the video?). They won’t be able to do this for long, as they continue to grow, but in two or three weeks time I’ll introduce them to the more spacious kiddie pool:

Everyone in the pool

An animated GIF of cute little flapping wings:

GIF of flapping wings

Flapping tiny wings:

Flapping wings

Flapping wings

Eating from the EcoGlow:


Fresh water for afternoon pool time:

In the pool

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  1. Pingback: David Sinclair
    1. I have upturned pots in the pond for the ducks, but the ducklings aren’t ready to go in the pond yet, as they don’t have their waterproofing.

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