More ducklings day 4

Today the high temperature reached 94° F (34° C) which is a bit warm even for brand-new ducklings.

Via the duck house cam, I spotted two Rouens on the EcoGlow in the early morning:

Two Rouens on the EcoGlow

Hey ducklings:


I feel like they’re watching me… because they are:


Standing on the over-full feeder:


Did you see the video of them eating?

Ducklings in nesting boxes:

Ducklings in nesting boxes

Since it’s so hot today, I turned off the heat lamp, and partially opened the vent, to maintain the optimal floor temperature of around 90°; with the vents closed, the duck house gets quite a bit warmer than the outside air, which is good overnight, but not so much with such a hot day:

Vent open

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