Should we get more ducklings?

No pictures this time, just some musing. As we see Bert’s behavior towards the other ducks, and think about potential problems as the other males mature, both in terms of fighting and over-mating, we’re regretting trying to get balanced sexes… more so since we ended up with two male Rouens instead of one of each gender.

So, tonight while Jenn and I were standing on the pond deck after watching an example of that kind of behavior, we were seriously thinking about whether or not it’d be sensible to buy more ducklings now.

Since the new ducks are now in the pond, I could get more ducklings, all female, and go through this seven-or-so week process again. Oh no, more cute ducklings!

We’re thinking a more sensible ratio would be two females for each male. Since we have five males and three females at present, that means we need seven more females.

If we did that, we’re thinking about getting four Rouens, and one more of each of the other breeds.

Of course, the other alternative would be to leave things as they are, and see what happens. Maybe it won’t be as bad as we fear. Do we really want 15 ducks, and potentially more in the future if they breed (and we don’t lose any)? We could always get more ducklings next year.

But we have an opportunity to get more now, and have them be only about 10 weeks younger.

I’m going to sleep on it and decide tomorrow, but I welcome any thoughts, especially from anyone with experience of keeping ducks.

4 thoughts on “Should we get more ducklings?

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  2. Gidday

    Yes, I vote you get more ducklings. The breed possibly doesn’t matter particularly – unless ducks are fussy about being with the “right” breed. Are they? Do they even know?
    I think the risks of having fights is too high to overlook – it would be really unhappy to have more lonely Berts, or Svens. And yes, it could be a bit of a drag to have to do the first 8 weeks again – and it might be getting a bit cooler? but I think it is a good idea.

    But think of what has happened with the first group. Of all of them – you have been left with one, Bert. Is this telling us that ducks have a slender hold on life? What is their average life expectancy?

    What would you do with 15 ducks? Get their eggs & sell them? You could get some quails & sell their eggs too – I don’t suppose you remember it, but I did some hardboiled quails eggs for your wedding. They tasted a bit different from hens eggs.

    Good luck anyway! I look forward to following the next lot online.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts.

      The breed doesn’t particularly matter to them, though they do hang out a bit more.

      Fights and over-friskiness are the main concerns.

      Now is a good time for more, since I still have duckling food, and the run is still set up. The weather is good, too; it won’t cool off till they’re old enough to handle it.

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