Cat update for week ending November 28

A fine Caturday to you. I know I gained a few followers this week, so welcome! If you’re new here, check out the cats summary page for the background of the feral cats we care for.

Here are Poppy and Porcini inside their heated cat house:

Poppy and Porcini

Spud by the cabins under our main deck:


Spud on top of our mail parcel box:


And having a good scratch:


An alien black cat visiting the feeder; don’t think I’ve seen this one before:

Alien black cat

The alien cat is startled by Porcini:

Alien black cat

Hey look, it’s Spud on the front steps again:



When refilling their food, I flushed out Pommie and Porcini, who watched me from a safe distance:

Pommie and Porcini

Three cats inside their house:

Three cats inside



Poppa, Bella, Poppy; just shows the level of acceptance of Poppa that they can eat with him in there:

Poppa, Bella, Poppy

Bella, Poppy, and Porcini, with Poppa inside:

Bella, Poppy, Porcini



Porcini having a bath on the cat house deck, and Paladout sneaking in the back door to the feeder:

Porcini and Paladout

Porcini looking out the window at another cat on the awning, of which you can see a shadow of ears above Porcini’s head:

Porcini and shadow