Cat update for week ending December 12

Something new in this week’s cat update — Poppa went inside the cat house, and hung out for a couple of hours. Which was fine with our ferals.

(For those who don’t remember, Poppa is a male cat that may live at a neighboring property, who visits periodically. We call him that because he has similar markings to our ferals, and could well be their father for all we know, though it’s a common pattern. He gets on really well with our cats; they accept him almost like one of their own.)

Here’s Porcini and Poppa:

Porcini and Poppa


Porcini and Poppa

A couple more cats joined them downstairs:

Four cats

Poppa wanted to leave, but had to wait for the others to go, to avoid causing a scene by jumping down:

Poppa wants to leave

Cabin twins:

Cabin twins

Spud, Pommie, and Porcini:

Three cats

A cat in the house and another in the feeder as I approached to refill their food:

Two cats

A closeup of Spud:


The other one (probably Poppy) ran, and Spud wasn’t sure whether to run or stay (the cats tend to freeze when looking at them, then move when not… much like Weeping Angels):

Two cats

Porcini coming out of the cat house, and Paladout jumping onto the roof:

Porcini and Paladout

Spud about to jump onto the camera housing:

Cat about to jump onto the camera housing

A cam app screenshot showing five cats — two in cabins, two in the house, and one by the feeder:

Five cats

Pansy visiting the front of the shop for some of Pepper’s food, reaching in to pull some forward:


Pansy on her heating mat in the back of the shop:


Pansy on a chair:


Finally, classic Poppy face:


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