Cat update for week ending December 19

It’s that most Caturdayish day of the week.

Plus some wildlife: a possum visited the cat feeder while there were a couple of cats inside the house:

Possum and cats

On that occasion the possum left without bothering the cats, but the following night it went inside the cat house; here’s a sped-up GIF:

GIF with possum

The cats aren’t too concerned about possums; they’re about the same size, and generally leave each other alone.

The following night, another possum encounter at the cabins (another GIF); the possum came face-to-face with Pommie, but backed off immediately:

GIF with possum

Porcini looking happy:


A cat looking out a window of the cat house, with another on the deck and a third eating:

Cat looking out windoe

There was one downstairs, too; here you can see four cats:

Cat looking out window

Poppy and Porcini snuggles:

Cat snuggles

Pansy eating from her feeder in the back of the shop:

Pansy in the shop

Poppa spent the day in the cat house, along with Porcini and Poppy:



Cabin twins, Spud and Pommie:

Cabin twins

Six cats, including Poppa and Paladout:

6 cats

Spud in the breezeway:

Spud in the breezeway

A GIF of a Steller’s jay and a scrub jay rooting through the leaves in front of the cat house:

GIF of birds

A still picture of them:


Flying away:


Finally, a screenshot of five cats:

5 cats

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