Cat update for week ending December 5

Come celebrate a curated collection of cat cam captures.

Plus some iPhone photos, like this one of the cat house on a misty day, with Poppa sitting on the deck:


Cabin cats:

Cabin cats

Feeder cats:

Feeder cats

A screenshot of my iPad cams app, showing three cats:


Breezeway Spud:

Breezeway Spud

The cams app again, with four cats this time (one about to jump onto the outside cam housing):


Pommie on the awning, Porcini and Poppy on the deck:

Three cats

Poppy, Porcini, and Paladout:

Three cats

Poppy and Porcini snuggling inside their house:


Poppy concerned with me approaching:

Poppy concerned with me approaching

Me refilling their heated water dish:

Refilling heated water dish

And refilling their food dispenser:

Refilling feeder

As usual, I tossed some bonus food on the ground out front, and as soon as I left, three cats turned up to enjoy hunting for it:

Three cats

A cat jumping down from a tree:

Jumping down from tree

The alien black cat was seen again by the cabins:

Black cat

Three cats in their house, a couple enjoying the heating pads downstairs (the rugs upstairs contain foil to reflect the body heat, but the ones downstairs are actually electrically heated; you can see the coils in the night vision):

Three cats

Paladout watching me from across the lawn, near the pond:

Paladout watching me by the pond

Interesting lighting after sunset:

After sunset

Porcini scratching herself on the rough roofing of the awning, with Bella and Poppy below:

Three cats

All looking towards the main deck, probably Rory making noises:

Three cats

A photo from while refilling the bird feeders. Can you spot three cats?

Three cats

Answer: Poppy on the deck, Paladout behind her, and Porcini in front of the bench by the small pond.

Pommie in long grass next to the swimming pool area:

Cat in grasses

Poppy and Porcini snuggles:


Finally, a GIF of Porcini rolling around on the awning, startling Poppy, and slipping off:

Cats GIF

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