Cat update for week ending January 9

A pleasant Caturday to you.

The twins by the cabins:

Two cats by cabins

A zoomed photo of the cat house, with three cats visible — one on the awning, one inside the house, and a third on the deck. Quite likely one in the feeder too:

Cat house with 3 cats

A screenshot of my cams app, showing five cats — one in the feeder, one in a cabin, and three in the house:

5 cats

A time-lapse GIF of a raccoon encounter — a raccoon approached the cabins when Pommie was in there, then went behind them. She retreated, and the raccoon came between the cabins:

Raccoon and cat

Raccoon and cat:

Raccoon and cat

Porcini scratching while looking in the direction of the camera:

Porcini scratching

Porcini by the heated water dish:


Poppy under our main deck while I refilled the bird feeders:


Two cats in the evening:

Two cats

Spud and Pommie starting to retreat when I’m approaching to refill the bird feeders:

Spud and Pommie when I'm approaching

Pommie wonders if the coast is clear after I’ve gone:


Four cats:

Four cats

A GIF of Porcini licking and snuggling with her mother, Poppy:


Porcini and Poppy snuggles:

Porcini and Poppy snuggles

Spud in the breezeway:

Spud in the breezeway

Spud in the kitchen garden, watching me:

Spud in the kitchen garden

A GIF of Porcini scratching the tree by the cat house, while another eats, and a third approaches in the background:

Scratching tree

Four cats (one barely visible in the feeder):

4 cats

Three cats enjoying the heating pads on a sub-freezing morning today:

Three cats

Poppy and Bella on a frosty morning today:

Poppy and Bella

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