Mucking out the chicken coops and duck house

One of my many homestead tasks is mucking out our two chicken coops and duck house, which I do about monthly, give or take.

Today was such a day. I start by using scoop and spade tools to scoop up the dirty bedding, and place in a plastic bin for removal:

Chicken and tools

The bin with dirty bedding, and my supervisor:

Chicken and soiled bedding

A wide angle shot of the coop:

Wide angle

Several containers full of dirty bedding is carried to the compost bins.

Then I add fresh pine shavings; I usually just grab several handfuls and dump in a pile in the center of the coop, and let the chickens have fun spreading it out:

Fresh bedding

I do toss some under the roosts, though, since that’s where it’s needed the most, to collect night droppings:

Fresh bedding

I do the same in the other coop too, though it’s easier there, as most of the poop is collected on poop trays under the roosts. I still replace the bedding on the floor, though not as often.

I also added fresh straw to the duck house:

Duck house straw

I use straw in the duck house as it copes better with getting wet.

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