Cat update for week ending February 13

We are currently without power, which isn’t great for us, but also isn’t ideal for the feral cats, as their heated shelters won’t be as toasty.

Though they are quite used to snuggling together for warmth. Here are Spud and Poppy together in the left cabin, and Porcini in the right (back when we had power):

Three cats

Poppy watching me:


Three cats again:

Three cats

The twins — Spud and Pommie:


Three cats at the cat house:

Three cats

Three cats

Snuggles inside:


Spud in his breezeway cabin:


Four cats at the cabins (Porcini, Spud, Poppy, Pommie):

Four cats

Some snow yesterday:


Me refilling their heated water dish (which also doesn’t work with the power off; it’s now frozen):

Refilling water

Two cats watching me as I walk up the path to the bird food box, while it snows:

Two cats

Two cats

Four cats again (the same bunch as before, with Spud behind Poppy in the left cabin):

Four cats

This morning, a layer of ice covered by a layer of snow; here’s the frozen small pond by the cat house:

Snow and ice

The cat house:

Cat house

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