Cat update for week ending February 6

Some cats definitely feature more on my weekly Caturday posts: Poppy and Porcini in particular. They just hang around more. But Spud and Pepper are up there, too. The others, Pommie, Bella, and Pansy, are more reclusive.

A GIF of Porcini wiggling (might take a moment to load):


Let’s not forget the traditional Porcini and Poppy snuggles inside their house:


Spud emerging from a cabin:


Poppy and Spud:

Poppy and Spud

Peeking at Pepper in her nest atop shelving in the shop:


A super-cute glimpse of Porcini while I was refilling bird feeders:


Poppy and Porcini in their house; Porcini investicating something on the ceiling:

Poppy and Porcini

Poppy and Porcini

Something fascinating outside (probably a bird):

Poppy and Porcini

Why share a door window when you can have your own:

Poppy and Porcini

Porcini yawning:

Poppy and Porcini

Porcini and Poppy watching me as I approach up the path:

Porcini and Poppy

2 thoughts on “Cat update for week ending February 6

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  2. This is so fine and dear and hilarious! Crying laughing with delight to see them sacked out inside especially since naturally without remote camera and no deluxe stage house I might *never see* where my similar family group disappears to do together~ thanks!

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