Cat update for week ending May 8

This Caturday is a bit of a yawn… two yawns, actually. And some fun GIFs and such.

Porcini peeking at me from a cabin:

Porcini peeking from a cabin

Two cats at the cat house:

Two cats

A GIF of Porcini jumping onto the camera housing:


Porcini looking up at birds in a tree:

Porcini looking up

A GIF of Porcini looking around:


Pommie in mid yawn:


Here’s a GIF of her yawning:


The twins, Spud and Pommie:


Porcini watching me from under a tree:

Porcini under a tree

A GIF of Paladout next to the cat house, when another cat runs by. I’m not sure who was more startled:


Bella chilling on the deck:


Another yawn, this time Porcini:


Three cats at the cabins; Spud, Porcini, and Pommie:

Three cats

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