Cat update for week ending June 12

Some pictures of cats in the cabins and their house, and outside. And one not-a-cat.

Sleepy cabin cat:

Cabin cat

Inside the cat house:

Cat inside house

Two cats inside:

Two cats inside house

Pommie watching Paladout in the tree (behind the timestamp):

Cat watching another in tree

Not a cat; unusual to see a possum in daylight hours. Watched by a cat behind the house:

Possum and cat

Porcini enjoying a cabin:

Cabin cat

Two cats:

Two cats

Spud and Porcini:

Two cabin cats

Sitting in front of the cabins:

Cabin cat

Porcini watching me:

Cabin cat


Cabin cat

Cat-loafing outside:

Cabin cat

Unusual to see Bella in the house:

Bella in the house

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