TikTok: Betty nesting on eggs

A recent @YellowCottageHomestead TikTok video of Betty nesting on a clutch of duck eggs:

3 thoughts on “TikTok: Betty nesting on eggs

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  2. She’s the oldest one of the ducks, isn’t she – perhaps they need a couple of years to grow up?
    Also, does she move around on the eggs – the uncovered ones won’t be keeping warm enough to grow, will they?

    Best wishes for some ducklings of some colours or other……

    1. She and Sonja are the same age; I’ve seen Sonja in the nesting box too, so some of the eggs may be hers. The other girls are a couple of months younger, so might start laying soon.

      Betty does move around on the eggs. She also insulates them with her downy feathers; stay tuned for tomorrow’s Flock Friday for more on that.

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