Chicken coop: finished rafters

Another day working on the new chicken coop.

In case you’re wondering, I’m not spending all day on this (it’s Thursday; aren’t I supposed to be working?!). I spend a bit of time in the morning doing Dejal support, then I spend a few hours working on the coop, with a break for lunch, then some consulting work in the evening. Definitely slower than if I were devoting all of my time to one or the other, but keeping everything moving forward. Being self-employed definitely has pros and cons, but being able to arrange my time as I wish is certainly a big plus.

Safety first:

Cutting OSB gussets for the rafters:

Scraps of wood nailed to the floor to ensure the rafters are all the same angles; there are also lines drawn on the floor to help align things:

Construction adhesive on a gusset:

The gusset nailed to the rafters:

Completed rafters:

Next up: the front wall!


Chicken coop roof trusses

Today I cut the seven rafters for the roof trusses. The coop will have an interesting “saltbox”-style roof, spanning between a 6′ wall on the back to a 8′ wall on the front, with a 10′ peak.

It may seem counterintuitive to make the trusses as the next step after the floor, but it makes sense; easier to work on them on the floor than later when the walls are in place, and I can use the floor as a template for the sizing.

You may notice that three of the left-hand (back) rafters have extra bird-mouth notches in them; those three will go on the two end walls and the center wall, for a little extra support:

The rafters will be connected together with OSB gussets… some other day.


Building chicken coop floor

Today I built the floor of the new chicken coop.

Here I’m marking where the joists are to be attached on the two long rim joists:

Measuring corner-to-corner to check that it’s square:

The rim joists laid out:

All the joists in place:

A joist hanger:

Me carrying one of the plywood floor panels with the handy Gorilla Gripper:

Construction adhesive:

Floor in place and nailed down:

Covered against the anticipated rain:


Building potato planters

Today I built the potato planters. My first project with the new table saw and nailer; they certainly made the job easier.

I made three planters, for three different varieties of potatoes. I basically stuck to my design, except I decided the interior pole wasn’t needed, since the boards stay in place quite well without, more so with dirt inside the box.

The loose filler boards were cut a bit longer than the sides, to make them easier to grab and remove when harvesting potatoes. I kinda like the interlocking look, too. The boards will be slotted in as the plants grow.

Now we just need to get some dirt!


Materials exposed & organized

Today I re-stacked the materials delivered yesterday, so I can reach the various bits in the order I need them.

Footings, roofing, Lexan for windows, etc in the foreground, and the big 8x lumber pile in the background:

Lumber, plywood & OSB:


Flooring joists in the foreground, and floor plywood exposed in the background:

Studs etc:

Trim and 1x4s:

Fence posts, siding, furring for potato planters: