Chicken coop: building doors & windows

Back to working on the new chicken coop, in between work, garden stuff, etc.

This week I built all of the doors and windows.

Here’s the person door under construction:

These are the egg doors — double doors to access the back of the nesting boxes, which will be configured as “roll-out” boxes, where the eggs gently roll into a padded collection area, so they stay nice and clean and easy to collect:

Here’s the poop door: a hatch underneath where the roosts will be, with trays to collect the night-time poop for easier cleaning:

These are a couple of the vents on the back of the coop, temporarily clamped in place:

This is a small Lexan window that will go between the above two vents, covering the pop door controller. It needs a window as the controller has a light sensor to automatically close the door at night, and re-open it in the morning:

Here’s building the front window, that will be above the egg doors:

And the two side windows:

Finally, all of the doors and windows together, after being caulked (somewhat messily, but the paint will cover that up):

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