Chicken coop: roof paper

Continuing on the roof, today I installed the roofing paper (underlayment).

The easy first row:

Then it’s time to go up on the roof for the first time. Yes, I hadn’t been up there before; the sheathing was added via ladders from the ground and inside.

It’s quite a steep roof (about 35°), so I built a temporary safety ledge attached to poles to enable me to go up there with less risk. The nailer is because I also needed to finish nailing the roof sheathing, where I couldn’t reach from ladders:

Finished the south side:

Here’s a view of the temporary safety ledge from the ground:

Working on the front (north) side, from a ladder:

Close-up of the roofing paper, a plastic cap nail, and the drip edges:

The north side, with its own safety ledge and lots of ladders:

Finished the north side:

Taking a moment to enjoy the view of the pond and gazebo from the top of the roof:

Finally today, I finished off the metal drip edge (the gable ends go on top of the paper, whereas the long ends go underneath). This picture also shows the slopes of the roof:

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