Cat bonus: more of the twins

In my latest #Caturday post, I wrote about how I can’t tell Pommie and Spud apart. (Or Pomegranate and Potato, if using their full names.) I thought I’d do a bonus post with several more photos of those two.

In the following pictures, Pommie is on the left, and Spud on the right, as identified by seeing their genders when they arrived. Although there seem to be some minor differences, I can’t spot anything about either of them to reliably tell them apart. Can you?

3 thoughts on “Cat bonus: more of the twins

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  2. Well. Pommy is slightly lighter in colour – that’s only useful if they’re both there.
    They both have a fairly long black tip on their tails.
    BUT Pommy has a narrower 2nd stripe than Spud. In fact, Spud’s is quite markedly like a blob rather than a stripe.
    Does that help?

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