Cat update: eyes, teeth, snuggles

It can sometimes be a challenge thinking of a title for the #Caturday posts, since they’re typically an assortment of cats doing cute things, and sometimes wildlife.

This week, no wildlife pictures (a few visits, but nothing notable). But there seems to be a number of pictures of the cats staring at things, and showing teeth while either hissing or yawning… and as always, lots of snuggles.

Here’s an example of the eyes, briefly concerned by some noise outside:

Happy licks:

Having a playful moment:

More eyes, of all five cats this time:

All five again (and a wet back):

Eyes inside:

Another playful moment; Spud-like behavior, but it’s actually Pommie:

All five cats; can you see all of them?


Two on the awnings, two on the deck:

More teeth, this time a hiss, as Poppy was startled from a sleep by Porcini wanting to snuggle:

But she quickly relaxed, as they licked each other:

And snuggled for quite a while:

I hope you’re not getting bored of snuggly cats! Always makes me happy to see that.

2 thoughts on “Cat update: eyes, teeth, snuggles

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  2. Keep the cat pics coming. I show them to my little ex-feral, Jack. (He looks just like yours.)

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