Deck gazebo

Last month I assembled on our deck an aluminum gazebo, purchased from Costco.

It was delivered on a double pallet of heavy cartons:

Double pallet of heavy boxes

I lugged them over to the deck:


Lots of small parts:

Small parts

Assembling the frame:

Assembling frame

Frame assembled:

Assembling the frame

Assembling the roof beams:

Assembling the roof beams

Roof beams done:

Roof beams done

Installing roofing panels:

Installing roofing panels

Roofing panels done:

Roofing panels done

It includes sliding insect screens. Here I’m assembling one of them:

Assembling screens

Screens somewhat done:


However, our deck isn’t completely flat (like everything else in this house), so I used a router to cut a notch in the deck for the screen track:

Using router to level screen

Finished installation:

Finished installation

We purchased a rug for under the table, and new seat cushions (only two chairs out here):


While the screens provide some sun filtering, it can still be very bright as the sun heads towards the horizon, so I added a retractable shade:

Retractable shade

I also installed a covered power cord up a leg for lights etc:

Installing power, lights, etc

Here’s the top, with power for a string of lights, an Amazon Echo, and a pair of speakers:

Power for lights, Echo, speakers

Echo, light, speaker:

Echo, lights, speakers

The Echo streams music and other functions through the speakers. The color-changing lights run around the edge of the roof.

I also added a power strip zip-tied under the table, providing convenient outlets and USB power:

Under-table power

All pleasant additions to our deck, to make working and eating outside more comfortable and enjoyable:

Tomorrow, another addition!