Cat update for week ending August 24

It’s another Caturday!

Cats sniffing noses inside the cat house shelter:

Cats sniffing noses

Three cats at breakfast time:

Three cats

The alien orange cat (Pumpkin) arrives; the two in the feeder scattered:

Orange cat arrives

A big yawn:

Big yawn

A couple of cats watching (probably Rory on the deck):

Cats watching

The alien gray cat (Paladout):

Alien gray cat

(Also seen in yesterday’s Flock Friday post, bothering the ducks.)

Relaxing on the deck:

Relaxing on the deck



Two cats; pretty sure that’s Poppy and Spud:

Two cats



One of the twins (probably Pommie) feeling playful; Poppy and Porcini aren’t impressed:

Feeling playful

Feeling playful

Bella’s big yawn:

Big yawn

Four cats:

Four cats

Bella chasing a bug:

Chasing a bug

Looking at the camera:

Looking at the camera

Three cats at breakfast:

Three cats at breakfast