Two years ago: surprise kittens

Just over two years ago, we discovered some kittens under our front steps. It seems like our feral cats have been here forever. Poppy chose well when she had her babies on our property (or maybe moved them here later?). Here are some pictures from back then.


Poppy and kittens

Poppy and kittens



3 thoughts on “Two years ago: surprise kittens

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  2. Nothing cuter than a kitten! Thanks for the look back. I rescued a feral that was already full grown so I don’t have any baby pictures of Jack. Since he has the same tabby markings and color as your twins, I’ll just imagine he looked like yours as a young one.

    One-eared-Jack lives with me now as an indoor cat. He showed up at work one day looking for girl cats. That summer I had three pregnant females and two males in the back parking lot. I trapped them all and had them spayed and neutered. (Thank you Feral Cat Coalition!) I adopted out all the kittens I could catch. The two males became close friends after being neutered. The other male was a beautiful Maine Coon. He disappeared the same night my father died. We always assumed Dad wanted a cat in heaven.

    Jack was the only cat left on the property. After about two years of effort, he let me touch him. It’s been about six years now and I can pet him anywhere I want! (He won’t allow anyone else to touch him though.) I’m allergic to cats, but I could not leave him behind when the store closed.

    1. Nice. He was lucky to have found you. And yes, FCCO is an awesome service. I don’t think any of our female ferals would ever be receptive to human interaction, but Spud has shown some interest. I haven’t tried very hard, though.

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