Cat update for week ending August 31

Just like clockwork, another Caturday rolls around. How about that.

Let’s start with an unusual vantage: a cat (looks like Spud) sitting on the path to the field, while we were having dinner on the deck. You can see a bird feeder on the left, and the cat house in the upper-right:

Cat on path

Porcini looking towards the camera:

Cat looking towards camera

So cute:

Cat looking towards camera

Four cats waiting for breakfast:

Four cats

A sleepy Poppy:

Sleepy cat

A cat profile:

Cat outside

Big yawn:


Sniffing noses:


Porcini bapping at a taunty spider:


Watching birds etc:

Three cats

We were out last night, so three cats had to wait for their dinner (there was some for earlier arrivals, but I remotely dispense more based on demand to avoid leaving some after dark, which attracts raccoons and possums):

Three cats

Four cats (one barely visible in the foreground):

Four cats

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