Cat update for week ending December 14

132 pictures filtered down to 29 this week.

The cats have continued to enjoy the new platform and cabins. Ironically, especially Pumpkin:


He’s been spending more time in the cabins than in the cat house. Here he is having a drink:


Paladout has also been showing up most days, and checked out the cabins, though hasn’t been in one:


The other cats have been enjoying them too. Here’s Pommie:


Poppy and Pumpkin are happy to be neighbors, if Poppy arrives first:

Poppy and Pumpkin

Double-decker cats:

Double-decker cats

A rapid egress from the feeder when Pumpkin comes out, due to the food dispensing:

Rapid egress

Three cats:

Three cats

Poppy and Porcini:

Poppy and Porcini

Poppy and Porcini looking contented:

Poppy and Porcini

That contentment didn’t last, though; a few minutes later, Pumpkin arrived, and was greeted (warned off) by Porcini:

Pumpkin arrives

Then Poppy had a turn greeting Pumpkin:

Poppy greeting Pumpkin

Pumpkin really wanted to hang out, though:

Under Pumpkin

He’s disappointed that both cabins are occupied:

Poppy, Porcini, Pumpkin

After a couple of minutes, he gave up and went elsewhere, so Poppy and Porcini could relax again:

Poppy and Porcini

A bit later, after they left, Pumpkin had his chance, discovered by a returning Poppy:

Poppy and Pumpkin

Four cats; can you see them all?

Four cats

Pumpkin chilling while a cat eats:

Pumpkin waiting while a cat eats

Pumpkin sleeping while I approach the bird box:

Pumpkin sleeping while I approach

Pumpkin spots me:

Pumpkin spots me

With Pumpkin hanging out at the cabins so much, the other cats can brave the house; here’s Bella spending the night:

Bella inside house

Pumpkin in the house, one cat eating, and three outside:

Five cats

A bit of a queue while waiting for Paladout to get out:

Waiting for Paladout to get out

Paladout was feeling trapped, and Poppy got tired of waiting:

Paladout and Poppy

Pommie and Pumpkin:

Pommie and Pumpkin

Again I startled Pumpkin when I approached the bird box; here’s a nice photo of him:


I did try talking to him, but he acted like a feral cat. He may be feral or stray, but doesn’t seem to be comfortable around humans. I will keep trying.

Screenshot of cat cams, showing a cat in a cabin, a cat waiting on the cat house deck, Pumpkin in the house, and Paladout in the feeder, again:

Screenshot of cat cams

Paladout feeling trapped, Pumpkin peeking, and Bella wanting to get to the food:

Paladout, Pumpkin, Bella

I have a plan to add a back door (emergency exit) to the feeder, going through the wall above the food dish.  With this happening a couple of times this week, I have made it more of a priority (probably after Christmas; won’t have time before that).

Let’s finish with a sleepy Pumpkin at the cabins:


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