Cat update for week ending December 21

It seems like just yesterday that it was Caturday, but here we are again.

Pumpkin, handsome as ever:


I’m beginning to get the impression that Pumpkin and Portabella (aka Bella) don’t get along; there were a few incidents with them this week, starting with this one where Pumpkin arrived, and instead of his usual polite hanging back, rushed forward and swiped at Bella as she rapidly egressed:

Unfriendly Pumpkin

Unfriendly Pumpkin

A cat under a tree in our field:

In the field

Porcini and Pommie:

Porcini and Pommie

Porcini and Pommie

Porcini looking at the camera, with a couple more in the background:

Porcini etc

I mentioned last time that I plan to add a back door to the feeder. I was originally going to put it above the feeder, but I decided it’d be easier and in some ways better to instead go through the wall next to the access door. So I moved the water dispenser outside, and cleaned out the leaves:

David cleaning out leaves

The water dispenser next to the heated water dish and camera:


Something’s different:

Something's different

Bella about to jump onto the camera housing:

Bella about to jump onto the camera housing

A twin by the cabins:


Bella inside the house:

Bella inside house

Pumpkin arrived, and they had another incident, with Bella and Pumpkin having a bit of a fight. Again, I think they have a personality conflict; with Poppy, Pumpkin would just hang back, but with Bella he went on the offensive:

Bella and Pumpkin fighting

After some swiping and bad language, he went out the front, and she went out the back.

Peeking at Pumpkin:

Peeking at Pumpkin

A twin (probably Pommie) and Pumpkin in the cabins:

Twin and Pumpkin

Paladout on the deck, Pumpkin approaching:

Paladout and Pumpkin

Paladout backed away:

Paladout and Pumpkin

Pumpkin started rolling around and rubbing on the edge of the deck, without a care in the world, while Paladout cautiously watched from the feeder:

Paladout and Pumpkin

Paladout and Pumpkin

The twins, looking rather freaked out by the strong winds:


And others similarly concerned:

Freaked out by wind

Paladout from the mobile camera:




I then moved the mobile camera to next to the cat house, in anticipation of installing the back door. Porcini watched me from a safe distance:




The mobile camera in a new location. Now I just need to wait for the rain to stop long enough to install the new cat door (to the right of the access door):

Moved camera

Finally, one more look at Pumpkin, half out of a cabin:


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