Cat update for week ending January 25

This week, something different: all of the pictures!  No, don’t run away, it’s not that bad.  I had 129 pictures to choose from this week, with too many good ones… so I thought I’d create an animated GIF of all of them. Having done that, I was able to filter them down to 20 to post as pictures, skipping many that I would otherwise have wanted to include.

Check out the GIF below to see the others, but first, the static pictures.

Starting with a super graceful Pumpkin soaking up the rays; nobody can relax like him (and another position in the GIF):

Graceful Pumpkin

Bella in the breezeway cabin, visited by Porcini:


Porcini staring at something, Poppy on the back door step, and someone else eating inside:

Three cats

I rearranged Pansy’s nest in the back of the shop, and moved the cam over there so I could see her. She likes to hang out on the chairs:

Pansy in the back of the shop

And has a hollowed out cushion to sleep in:

Pansy in the back of the shop

There’s a heating pad on the old dog bed in the foreground, but I haven’t seen her use it. I might try putting it under her cushion. It doesn’t get quite as cold in the back of the shop, though, as the walls are somewhat insulated (but also has non-insulated portions), and there’s a wall heater that comes on when it’s really cold.

Bella has been using the new breezeway cabin pretty much every night:

Bella in the breezeway

Pumpkin peeking at me while I refill the bird feeders. He is there most mornings, and has stopped running away when I approach; he knows I’m not a threat:


I moved the mobile cam a bit closer to the cat house, which gives a nice view of it and the area in front. Here’s Paladout approaching:


And Pumpkin:


Pumpkin again, watching me walking past from under the cedar:


Three cats:

Three cats

Pumpkin arrived while two others (Poppy and Porcini, I believe) were eating. They each looked up at him, then kept on eating. Oh, it’s you:

Pumpkin and others

Poppy slept in the breezeway cabin for a couple of hours, too:

Poppy in the breezeway

Unfortunately, Pumpkin found the new cabin… and sprayed it to claim it as his. He just has to have all the shelters:

Pumpkin in the breezeway

Pumpkin and a twin facing off:

Pumpkin and a twin

Pumpkin slowly edged around to get to the feeder, then decided to wander off instead:

Pumpkin and a twin

Pumpkin didn’t put off the others from the breezeway, though.  Later, Poppy was in the cabin again, and Porcini was wanting to join her, when Jenn approached to get in the car, which is parked at the end of the breezeway. So they both ran away:

Run away!

Run away!

A cat on top of the house, another inside, as a third approaches:

Three cats

Two cats on the roof, one on the deck. The flat tops of the facade makes great perches for cats:

Three cats

It’s showtime! See more pictures related to the above ones, and others that I didn’t include, in this animated GIF of 129 captured cat pictures from this week (about a minute in duration at two frames per second; it might take a moment to load if you have a slow connection):

129 cat pics, animated

Please let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this; I could easily do it in the future, thanks to a Retrobatch workflow that takes a collection of photos, resizes them, and converts them to a GIF.

5 thoughts on “Cat update for week ending January 25

  1. Pingback: David Sinclair
  2. Thanks for the great cat “movie.” I wish it were just a bit slower though.
    that Bella is a beauty! Pumpkin looks like he hasn’t missed the dinner bell. Ever!

    1. Yeah, I was trying to make it slow enough to see the pictures, but not so slow that it’s boring. I might try 1 frame per second next time I make one. Pumpkin is always first for breakfast. And second breakfast. And third breakfast. Etc.

  3. Yes David – I enjoyed it! I thought the new tent was for Pumpkin – but he seems to be elsewhere. Great fun!

    1. I wouldn’t mind if he occupied it, and left the others for the other cats. But then he’d be farther away from the food.

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