Flock Friday for January 24

This week, chickens in the veggie garden and coops, and ducks in the pond. You know, the usual. Except a bonus Rory sighting.

A couple of the oldest girls perched on the potato planters in the veggie garden:

Chickens in veggie garden

The ducks during some rain showers:


Mealworm treats:

Ducks with treats

Water trailing off the bill:






Rory out for her walk on afternoon rounds, watched by the chickens in the veggie garden:

Rory and chickens in veggie garden

Chickens in the new coop:

Chickens in new coop

And in the old coop:

Chickens in old coop

A couple freshly laid eggs in a nesting box:

Eggs in nesting box

3 thoughts on “Flock Friday for January 24

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  2. All the chickens are in together now? Will you get some more in Spring? and ducks too of course – what stops them from flying away (apart from their very confortab11111le living stndard (sorry, getting a little help from my friend Atticus)

    1. No more chickens for a year; we get more every other year. We’ll let the ducks breed, or buy more if necessary. Domestic ducks can’t fly very well, and they know a good thing.

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