Flock Friday for January 31

This week, a peek inside the chicken coops at night, and an animated GIF of the ducks.

The chickens are so strange; they have a couple of nice roosts in the new coop, but a bunch of them are crowded on the small roosts above the nesting boxes to sleep, with only one on the main roosts. Maybe they like the view out the window, but more likely they just like to be as high as possible:

Chickens sleeping in new coop

For completeness, the rest of the chickens sleeping in the old coop:

Chickens sleeping in old coop

The ducks on the pond:






An animated GIF of the ducks rummaging under water, at 2 frames per second (i.e. 2x speed):

GIF of ducks at 2 FPS

The same GIF of 1-second captures at 1 FPS, i.e. real-time:

GIF of ducks at 1 FPS

(I think the 2x one is better, but figured I’d include both.)

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