Cat update for week ending February 1

This week I thought that rather than a single animated GIF of all photos like last week, I’d do separate GIFs of interesting events. Though I must confess, I got a bit carried away playing with this new toy… I ended up capturing 337 photos, and made 14 GIFs. But don’t worry, I won’t be posting all of those. I’m sure I’ll scale that back for next time, but enjoy it this week.

So today I’ll share a few still photos, plus a bunch of animated editions.  I’ll indicate which are GIFs, so if you have a slow connection, you’ll know which are still loading their animations.

Let’s start with some still pictures; Porcini jumping onto awning:

Porcini jumping onto awning

Porcini, twin, Paladout:

Porcini, twin, Paladout

A long-distance photo of a twin inside the house, Pumpkin rolling around on the deck:

Twin inside house, Pumpkin on deck

Here’s a closer view of the oh-so-dainty Pumpkin:


And now an animated GIF that includes those shots and more, showing the cats out front, and Pumpkin arriving and rolling around on the deck. This GIF is at one frame per second, since there are multiple camera angles; I also made the GIF at 2 FPS, but that was harder to follow, so I won’t include it:


Bella tracking something in the breezeway, watched by Poppy; probably a moth or bat:

Bella tracking something

A GIF edition, with the arrival of Pumpkin:

Breezeway GIF

Pumpkin near the bird feeders while I was refilling them (that metal plate is the inspection hatch on our septic tank):

Pumpkin near the bird feeders

A brief GIF of various Pumpkin pics from Sunday:

Cabins GIF

Porcini in front of the cat house:


GIF of Poppy and Bella snuggling in the breezeway cabin:

Breezeway GIF

A GIF of Pumpkin arriving at the feeder when it dispenses some food every 15 minutes in the morning:

Feeder GIF

A twin under the awning on our main deck, sheltering amongst the tarp-covered stacked furniture:

Twin under awning

Poppy face:

Poppy face



Another breezeway GIF:

Breezeway GIF

GIF of Pumpkin and a twin at the cabin:

Cabins GIF

Another day, another breakfast GIF, this time with several ferals getting some food… until Pumpkin arrives:

Feeder GIF

I so enjoy the snuggles:


Twin pose:


Here’s a longer GIF featuring Pumpkin rolling around on the deck, plus another couple of cats nearby:


Making GIFs like this is a fairly laborious process; this one involved capturing 106 stills, which have their dates assigned and watermark applied by the excellent Retrobatch utility, then they are resized and stitched together as a GIF by another Retrobatch workflow.

A much easier way to capture GIFs is using a recent purchase: the Camect cam server. It is a hardware box that wirelessly connects to the cameras (I have it connecting to nine of my cams) and records their footage on an internal hard disk. It also lets me watch all nine of the connected cameras at once in a window on my old iMac, live and recorded footage, even syncing all cameras to the same timestamp.

Anyway, one of its many features is the ability to save recaps of a time range as movies or GIFs. Here’s an example, using a similar time range to the above one:


It doesn’t give me as fine a control of the particular frames, and the frame rate, but it only takes a few clicks.

Cats on the awning:

Cats on awning

A GIF of a twin arriving to sniff at Pumpkin, and retreating. Perhaps wondering if he’s still alive? (Wait for the delayed reaction, too.) I’m actually including two editions of the same sequence; here’s it at 1 frame per second (real time):

Cabins at 1 FPS

And the GIF again at 2 FPS (double-time):

Cabins GIF at 2 FPS

Which do you prefer? For a single camera angle like this, I think 2 FPS works better.

Finally, a twin in front of the cat house:


I hope you enjoyed this experiment with GIFs. Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Cat update for week ending February 1

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  2. I vote for 2 FPS.

    Loved the photo of the twins snuggled next to each other in the breezeway photo. Brothers!

    Isn’t there something missing from the front of the big cat house? A wheel maybe?

    1. The breezeway snuggles was actually Poppy (the mother) and Bella (one of her daughters).

      The cat house is missing a large barrel from the pile of barrels between the two sides; good spot! Pumpkin knocked it off a couple of weeks ago. I must get around to fixing that sometime.

  3. I think I actually prefer the still pix. But of the two gifs, x2 pps is better for me.
    It’s hard to tell sometimes when the gif has finished & is now doing another play through. When I’ve seen the same series of movements ten times through, I realise it.

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