Cat update for week ending February 15

On this week’s cat update, lots of cuteness, and a bit of drama. But only one GIF.

Porcini stretching against a tree:

Porcini stretch

Breezeway licks:

Breezeway licks

And snuggles:

Breezeway snuggles

Breezeway snuggles

Watching the sunrise from the breezeway:

Sitting in the breezeway

It may be a little hard to see, but look in the background on the right: a cat climbing a pole:

Cat climbing pole

Even harder to see, sitting on top of the pole:

Cat on top of pole

And down again; the ferals are very good at climbing, and know to turn around and back downwards, so their claws have traction:

Cat climbing down pole

Poppy in the breezeway during daylight hours:

Poppy in breezeway

Porcini and Poppy next to the cat house:

Two cats

Pumpkin watching me from the cabin while I refill the bird feeders:


A rare color picture of Pepper, watching me in the shop (shortly after walking right by me):




Bella and Poppy:

Bella and Poppy

Paladout and Pumpkin:

Paladout and Pumpkin



Pumpkin again:




Porcini on the parcel box on our front steps, with one of the twins below:

Porcini and twin

A couple more of Porcini; she either didn’t notice me watching her from the window a few feet away, or ignored me:



Bella inside the cat house:


Going up:

Going up

Going down:

Going down



An animated GIF of a flight between Pumpkin and a twin (probably Spud):

Cat fight GIF

Spud (or Pommie) was just sitting next to Pumpkin’s favorite shelter, and Pumpkin ran up and attacked. Spud seemed to fare better, though; Pumpkin lost some tufts of fur (you can see it drifting in the GIF), and suffered a bite or scratch on his tail:

Pumpkin wound

Hopefully he’ll be a bit more respectful of Spud in the future.

Anyway, back to cuteness. Breezeway cats:

Breezeway cats


Breezeway snuggles

The two “mushroom girls”, Portabella (aka Bella) and Porcini:

Mushroom girls



Three cats:

Three cats

A couple action shots of running cats:

Running cats

Running cats

Porcini and Poppy:

Porcini and Poppy



Poppy face:

Poppy face

Pumpkin closeup:

Pumpkin closeup

I put a heating pad on an old cat bed in the back of the shop, but I hadn’t seen Pansy using it until now:

Pansy on heating pad

Pansy on heating pad

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