Cat update for week ending February 22

This week, my first sighting of a coyote, plus some raccoons, and less Pumpkin than usual.

Pumpkin standing by the water dish:

Pumpkin standing

That was the last time I saw him for several days; but he did return. Made us wonder if he does have another home, and was kept inside to heal from his fight last week?

Double-decker breezeway cabin cats:

Breezeway cats

Breezeway cats:

Breezeway cats

A GIF of a cat carrying a prize; doing their job catching rodents:

GIF of cat with prize

Two cats near their house:

Two cats

A coyote visited the cat house. Although I’ve seen signs of them many times, this was the first time I’ve seen one on my cameras. This one is wounded; their front-left paw seems to be missing or mangled, so it was hopping around like Rory does. While I certainly don’t want to encourage coyotes, I do have some sympathy for this one:









Two cats on the empty fountain pool:

Two cats on fountain

Three cats in the breezeway:

Three cats in breezeway

Two cats in their house, taking advantage of it with Pumpkin away:

Two cats in house

Chasing a flying insect in the house:

Cat chasing fly

A few days later, the tripawd coyote returned, and this time ventured inside the feeder, though there wasn’t any food there:








Our local feed store has a couple of roaming cats (useful to protect the supplies from rodents); this one has an ear-tip to mark it as a neutered feral cat, but is friendly:

Feed store cat

One of the twins:


With Pumpkin away, and some other cats not visiting, there has been an excess of food dispensed, leaving a bunch at night. A lucky raccoon had a feast:

Lucky raccoon

It was too much food even for the raccoon… though it (or another one) did come back later to finish it off:

Too much food even for the raccoon

I subsequently significantly cut back the amount of food being dispensed. I’d rather have to manually dispense food than leave some overnight, encouraging unauthorized wildlife visitors. (I can remotely manually dispense via the feeder’s app.)

A cropped screenshot of the two shop cats; Pansy using the heating pad, and Pepper eating:

Shop cats



Porcini and Poppy playing:

Porcini and Poppy

Porcini and Poppy

Pausing while scratching the tree, with another cat drinking in the background:

Scratching tree



I heard some quiet cat conversation on our front steps next to my desk, and turned on the light to see one of the twins on the steps, and another cat below the door (not visible here). Not fighting, just meowing at each other, which is a bit unusual for ferals. They didn’t run away when they saw me, either, though I’m sure would have if I had opened the door:

Cat on front steps

Three cats in the breezeway again:

Three cats in breezeway

After most of the week away, Pumpkin returned yesterday. I didn’t see any sign of treatment, but I didn’t get a very good look. He may have just been roaming. Though I haven’t seen him yet today, so if he does have a human home, maybe he slipped out:

Pumpkin returns

A Steller’s Jay:

Steller's Jay



The robin having a bath in the water dispenser; I’m sure the cats enjoyed the bird flavor in their water:

Bird bath

A cute trash panda face, I mean raccoon, with no food this time:


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