Cat update for week ending April 11

For Caturday this week, another coyote visit, plus the usual assorted cuteness.

Porcini sees something interesting (probably a bird) at the cabins:

Two cats at the cabins

Full moon setting behind the cat house:

Full moon

Three cats at the cabins:

Three cats

Two cats inside the cat house (cute Porcini):

Two cats inside

Porcini watching a bird:

Porcini watching a bird

One of the twins between the cabins:

Cat between cabins

Four cats; we were watching all five cavorting from our house window, though I wasn’t able to capture all in one cam shot:

Four cats

Two cats sensing a disturbance in the Force: an approaching coyote:

Two cats sensing approaching coyote

This is a different coyote than the one we saw back in February, and only the second one we’ve seen in the years we’ve been here:




The cats sniffing the coyote smells:


Three cats inside the cat house, waiting for breakfast:

Three cats inside

Poppy and Porcini inside during the day:

Two cats inside

Poppy licking Porcini:

Cat snuggles

Sleepy cats:

Cat snuggles

Four cats again:

Four cats

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