Aerial mowing

Yesterday I mowed the lawns and field.  Just for fun, I flew my drone while doing so, and got some photos and video.

Here’s drone picture of me on my zero-turn riding mower, having just completed the back lawn (just a boring circular pattern). My beard is doing a fun three-way split from the wind:

Drone picture of David on mower

An animated GIF from the drone video of me on the mower:

GIF of David on mower

A top-down aerial shot of the flowerbeds partway through mowing:

Aerial shot of flowerbeds and mower

Another GIF, showing a much sped-up mowing of part of the flowerbeds:

GIF of mowing flowerbeds

4 thoughts on “Aerial mowing

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  2. You have a ‘sand trap’ in your backyard?

    That aerial view of the flower garden is very neat. Be a real treat to see another when things are in full bloom.

    And the beard makes me think of some movie… Maybe the hobbit? Some ‘wizard’ movie!

    Anyway, I always enjoy your photos.

    1. Thanks. I assume the “sand trap” is referring to the non-grass spot in the first picture; that’s actually an electrical outlet in the lawn area. I’ll certainly do more of these when the garden is in full bloom.

  3. It looks like you have a well-practised route for mowing the garden. The mower knows the way….

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