Cat update for week ending April 25

This Caturday: cats at their cabins, cats at their house, cats in the breezeway; only one alien visitor. And a fun GIF of inside the cat house.

Spud by the cabins:

Cat by cabins

The twins:

Cats at cabins

Yawn and stretch:


Three cats inside their house:

Three cats inside

Porcini by the water dish, another eating:


Pommie in front of the house, Paladout approaching behind:


The twins in the breezeway:


A couple of cats turned up several hours too early for breakfast:

Too early for breakfast

Poppy and Porcini:

Poppy and Porcini

Poppy asleep inside:


An alien cat visited the breezeway; not sure if it’s one we’ve seen before; looks smaller than Pumpkin and such (haven’t seen him in weeks). Just looked then left without incident:

Alien cat

Pansy enjoying her heating pad in the back of the shop:


An animated GIF of several hours inside the cat house, at 15 minute intervals; it’s fun seeing how they turn around while sleeping:

GIF of inside cat house

Three cats inside, with a yawn:

Three cats

Porcini on the awning, another peeking out the door:

Cat on the awning

Finally, two cats enjoying a heating pad inside:

Two cats inside

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