Cat update for week ending May 2

For Caturday this week, a couple of alien cats, a couple of GIFs, Pepper, Poppy, Spud, and mushrooms… sounds like ingredients.

The light-orange alien cat visited the breezeway again, without incident:

Alien cat

Pepper watching me in the workshop:

Pepper in the shop

An animated GIF of chattering at a bird:

GIF of chattering at a bird

A frame of that:

Chattering at a bird

Classic Poppy face:

Poppy face

GIF of Poppy and Porcini inside their house:

GIF of two cats inside

Snuggles with a tongue sticking out:


A screenshot of my cams (with the outside one offline), showing four cats:

Screenshot of four cats

Another alien cat spraying the cat house. How rude:

Alien cat

Spud and Poppy, with another eating:

Spud and Poppy

Three cats:

Three cats

Four cats:

Four cats

Poppy and her mushroom girls, Portabella and Porcini:

Poppy and mushrooms

Spud watching me from the front steps:


2 thoughts on “Cat update for week ending May 2

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  2. You need to teach your tribe to defend their territory – unless they are intent on increasing the size of the tribe.

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