Flock Friday for May 1

For Flock Friday this week, chickens and ducks, of course, plus a bathing bird, and a fake bird.

Chickens on the potato planters in the veggie garden. Enjoy it while you can, girls; you’ll be evicted soon, when we’re ready to start planting:

Chickens in veggie garden

Chickens in veggie garden

Ducks on the back lawn:


An animated GIF of a scrub jay having a bath in the stream:

GIF of bird in stream

I shared a picture of the chickens with drone frames in my recent bee post, with a followup in the subsequent post; here are a couple more photos of them not sure about the frames, before getting stuck in:

Chickens with drone frames

Chickens with drone frames

Chickens with drone frames

A crow by the cat house:


To help discourage visits by the heron, I added a fake one on the edge of the pond:

Fake heron

The ducks under the pond deck:


A GIF of the chickens eating mealworms in the new coop:

GIF of chickens

4 thoughts on “Flock Friday for May 1

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  2. Has the fake heron been successful? How would you know? Does the absence of the real heron mean it’s been scared away, or has it migrated somewhere else?

    You need some more ducks.

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