Cat update for week ending June 13

For Caturday this week, 5.25 cabin pictures, 3.25 cat house pictures, 2 shop pictures, 1.25 outside and feeder pictures, 1 breezeway picture, 1 GIF and 1 still from that, and 1 picture out a window. Just some totally irrelevant numbers.

Three cats at the cabins:

Cabin cats

Poppa and Pommie in the breezeway:

Breezeway cats

Cat snuggles:

Cat snuggles

Three cats in the feeder; the SD card in the feeder has stopped working (like the cat house one did recently); I don’t know if I’ll bother trying to fix it, so this might be the last picture from the feeder (though it is recorded by the Camect server, so probably not):

Feeder cats

Porcini closeup with the cabin cats:

Cabin cats

More cat snuggles:

Cat snuggles

Cat stalking a bird on the driveway, as it got away:

Cat chasing bird

A GIF of that:

GIF of cat chasing bird

One of the twins in the lavender plants by our front steps, as seen from a window:

Cat by front steps

Pepper watching me closely in the shop; she wanted to get past, but that would have meant getting within six feet of me; she’s an expert at social distancing:

Cat in shop

So she retreated and waited for me to depart:

Cat in shop

Super-relaxed cabin cat:

Cabin cat

Two cats snuggling, one looking out the door:

Cat snuggles

Four cats:

Four cats

Screenshot of four cats (two in cabins, two in the house):

Four cats

A startled greeting at the cabins:

Cabin cats

Some symmetry, both in this picture, and with the first picture in today’s post:

Cabin cats

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