Cat update for week ending June 20

For this week’s Caturday, all five feral cats spotted, some in-person shots of Poppy and Porcini, and finishing with a GIF summary of the week outside the cat house.

Three cats in the cat house:

Three cats

Three cats

Three cats at the cabins:

Three cats

Three cats

Three cats

Two cats

Did you see the YouTube video summarizing that time?

Screenshot of the cams app, showing five cats — one on the house deck, one in a cabin, two in the house, and one in the feeder:

Screenshot of five cats

Long cat is long:

Two cats

House snuggles:

Two cats

Three cats:

Three cats

Porcini in the cabin, Poppy out front:


The same arrangement, but an in-person photo while I refilled the bird feeders:

Porcini and Poppy



Poppa and Porcini:

Poppa and Porcini

Another in-person shot of Poppy and Porcini, by the small pond, when I went out there to reset a couple of cameras that weren’t responding:

Poppy and Porcini

GIF summary of the week outside the cat house:

GIF summary

(I’ll follow up this post with a YouTube edition of that summary.)

Edit to add:

Happy birthday Pansy! The feral cat who lives in the back of our shop, keeping it free of rodents, is 6 years old today (her observed birthday, anyway; having been found on the streets, her actual birthday is unknown):


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