Cat update for week ending June 27

Seems like about half of the cat pictures this week are of Pommie.

Here’s Pommie laying in front of the cabins on a hot day:


And next to them on the dirt:


While grilling dinner one day, I stepped onto the pool deck (the pool isn’t set up yet), and saw Pommie next to the pool area:


She sat frozen like that until I went out of sight:


Two cats on the driveway, just before they both flopped over and rolled around on the warm asphalt:

Two cats

Poppy stretched out inside the cat house:


Pommie in front of the cabins again:


One of the twins (Pommie or Spud) on the driveway in the evening, watching me as I went to close up the duck house:

Cat on driveway

Cat in the feeder:

Cat in feeder

Two cats at the cabins (probably Pommie and Porcini):

Two cats

A cat watching me from a cabin as I refilled the bird feeders:


Porcini about to drink from the stream:


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