Ducklings day 13

Your daily duckling dispatch.

Sleeping ducklings:

Sleeping ducklings

Not sleeping ducklings:

Not sleeping ducklings

Let there be (day)light; I opened the cupboard door:

Opened cupboard door

The usual morning mess:


Bert checking on the ducklings while I refilled their food:

Duck and ducklings

I raised the heat lamp; they need lower temperatures each week. Fun fact: not sleeping under the lamp tells me that they are a little too warm:

David raising lamp

The usual pictures of the ducklings:





Refilling the water dish from the hose; if you compare to the previous cam picture, you can see the raised heat lamp position, too:

Refilling dish


On evening rounds, peeking through the nesting boxes below the cupboards, I caught a duck on top of the EcoGlow:


He really likes it up there; just now I saw him hop up there and stretch his tiny wings (animated GIF):

GIF of ducklings

And sit for a while:


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