Ducklings day 26

Today I’ve included a few GIFs of the ducklings, along with the usual assortment of cuteness.

Reviewing the cam recordings, I noticed three ducklings tapping the pop door yesterday morning:

Ducklings tapping door

I’m not sure why; there wasn’t anything out there at the time that I could see on the pond cam; perhaps they’re getting a bit stir-crazy, wanting to get into the pond (though have never seen that door open), or thought it made an interesting noise.

Here’s a GIF of that:

GIF of ducklings tapping door

Betty the Buff duckling flapping her wings; they’ve certainly grown a bit:

Duckling flapping wings

A GIF edition:

GIF of duckling flapping wings

On to the usual treats and such:

Duckling treats

Duckling treats






This morning I posted a slow-motion video on YouTube of a duckling dunking their head under the water; it’s a little long, and includes some further and closer clips, so you might want to skip around in the video. Here’s a GIF edition of one dunk and head shake:

GIF of duckling dunking

Bert drinking water draining from the duck house as the ducklings splash around in the pool:


Bert peeking at the ducklings:

Bert and ducklings

Watching me:


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