Ducklings day 6

Today, Bert and the ducklings saw each other.

But first, some cam shots; last night, a duckling went on the EcoGlow again (probably the same one, showing an adventurous personality):

Duckling on EcoGlow

Ducklings sleeping:

Ducklings sleeping

Ducklings drinking:

Ducklings drinking

The usual opening shot of the ducklings; time to add more bedding tomorrow, I think:


A closer look:


I opened the bottom portion of the door, so Bert and the ducklings could see each other:

Bert and ducklings

They retreated at first, then came back out. Bert was good, just standing in the doorway; I was ready to stop him from going inside, but he didn’t try:

Bert and ducklings

He turned his head to look at them from his other eye:

Bert and ducklings

(Fun fact for today: ducks can be literally half-asleep: one eye closed and that side of the brain asleep, the other eye open and that side awake.)

A wide-angle shot of Bert and the ducklings after I closed the bottom of the door:

Bert and ducklings

The ducklings settled down again:


I also recorded a video of Bert quacking and the ducklings peeping, which I’ll probably upload tomorrow. Something to look forward to!

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