Ducklings day 45

Today, in addition to the usual duckling run pictures, I have some pictures from up the path, and from the pond deck, including a GIF.

Firstly, a cam shot of nighttime activity:


And sleep:


Treat time:


Water droplets everywhere:


Shall we swim?

Shall we swim?

Haven’t quite figured out gentle paddling yet:

Haven't quite figured out gentle paddling yet

Dunking head:

Dunking head

View from the path to the duck house:

View from path


View from path

View from the pond deck; I have both the fountain and waterfall going currently:

View from pond deck

GIF from the pond deck, with a duckling visible in their pool:

GIF from pond deck

Not long before they’ll be out in the pond; probably sometime next week.

Cat update for week ending July 18

For this week’s Caturday: Porcini by the small pond, Pommie by the cabins, Bella and Poppa by the cat house, Poppy inside the cat house, and more.

A nice picture of Porcini watching me from between the cat house and small pond:

Porcini by small pond

Pommie toe beans:

Cat toes

Sleepy Pommie:

Cabin cat

And in front of cabins:

Pommie in front of cabins

An interesting silhouette of a cat jumping up the log pile, with lots of lens flare from the sunrise:

Silhouetted cat jumping

Double-decker cats:

Two cats inside

While doing rounds, I felt I was being watched:


An animated GIF of Poppa, Pommie, and Bella arriving, Poppa eating then sitting on the deck while Pommie ate, Bella rushing him then rolling around on the ground, then finally Bella chasing Poppa off:


Pommie and Poppa:

Pommie and Poppa

A GIF taking a closer look at part of that sequence, where Bella rushed at Poppa, then sniffed him:


Bella rushing at Poppa, while Pommie ate:

Bella, Poppa, Pommie

I was pleased that Poppa didn’t fight back, he just raised a paw in defense; it wasn’t a serious attack. Then Bella sniffed him in a friendly way:

Bella, Poppa

Bella, Poppa, Pommie:

Bella, Poppa, Pommie

Bella rolling on the ground below Poppa:

Bella, Poppa

Poppy spent most of yesterday inside the cat house:


Here’s a GIF of her day: