Duck(ling) names

A bit over three weeks ago I did a post titled “Duckling names”, where I included one picture of the ducklings, and listed their breeds and names. I thought it was time to do an update of that, now that they’re mostly feathered and grown. (Check out how much smaller they were back then!)

Here’s a picture from this afternoon that includes all seven of the new ducklings.

In the front we have the two Khaki Campbells. Cora is on the left, and Clyde on the right. They’re hard to tell apart, though Cora is tidier since she swims a lot (I’ve noticed that female ducklings are much more into swimming than male).

Behind them is our female Buff, Betty.

Behind her is the female Blue Swedish, Sonja. She is distingushed by the small patch of white on her chest.

Behind her are the two Rouens, Raoul and Rémy. They are both male, and I haven’t studied them closely enough to tell them apart.

Lastly, we have the male Blue Swedish, Sven. He has a larger white patch.


Ducklings day 47

Today I tried to take pictures of each of the ducks so I could state their names. Plus I gave them some mealworm treats.

Firstly, leafy treat time for the ladies, Sonja, Betty, and Cora:

Treat time

Raoul and Rémy reaching from the ground, and Betty at the top of the steps:

Raoul, Rémy, and Betty

Sonja loves to swim:


Sonja has opinions, too:


Sven in the back, and of course Betty again:

Sven, Betty

Cora and Sonja swimming for treats:

Cora and Sonja

Clyde and Sven:

Clyde and Sven

Raoul or Rémy; I can’t tell the two Rouen boys apart yet:

Raoul or Rémy

Cora and Sonja again:

Cora and Sonja

Raoul or Rémy making a splash:

Raoul or Rémy

Sven, Cora, Clyde:

Sven, Cora, Clyde

Raoul or Rémy looking at me:

Raoul or Rémy

Raoul or Rémy, Sonja:

Raoul or Rémy, Sonja

Sonja showing her feathers:

Sonja showing her feathers

This afternoon, I gave them some mealworms; the ladies really enjoyed those:

Ducklings with mealworms

Veggie garden irrigation addition

The other day I noticed that the soaker hose for one of the beds in the veggie garden had burst, as they are wont to do:

Burst soaker hose

Burst soaker hose

So on Saturday I replaced that hose with better irrigation, like I did earlier for a couple of other beds:

New irrigation

Veggie bed with new irrigation

Veggie bed with new irrigation

Veggie bed with new irrigation

Veggie bed with new irrigation

There is now one bed remaining with a soaker hose in the main part of the veggie garden, plus the ones in the berry cage. I’ll replace those over time when their soaker hoses fail. We’re slowly phasing out the soaker hoses; irrigation tubing and emitters work much better, as they are more reliable, and the irrigation can be more focused and adjustable as needed.