Ducklings day 59: mucking out the duck house

Today I mucked out the duck house.

But first, sleepy ducks:

Sleepy ducks

Approaching for treats:

Approaching for treats

Eating treats; check out those tongues!

Eating treats

Eating treats

Mucking out the duck house; it had many layers of compacted straw:

Mucking out duck house

I took several loads of dirty straw to the compost on my cart:

Dirty straw on cart

The straw added a lot of volume to the compost bin:


Empty duck house:

Empty duck house

Fresh straw:

Fresh straw

I probably won’t need to muck it out again for a while, now that they aren’t living in there anymore.

I also refilled their food, in the inverted jug at the top of the feeder tube:

Refilled food



The ducks visited the duck house to eat; here Bert and Betty seem to be comparing notes:


Bert with a dirty bill, while others eat:



An animated GIF of ducks eating:

GIF of ducks eating

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