Cutting the shop bamboo

Let’s take a brief digression from the usual cute ducks and other animals to talk about a nemesis of mine: bamboo.

We had a stand of bamboo between the propane gas tank and the deck at the back of our workshop, planted by some previous owner of our property:

Bamboo next to shop

If it had contained itself to that location, I’d be fine with it, but bamboo has a tendency to send out runners, spreading to unwanted places. For example under the gas tank:

Bamboo under gas tank

Under the driveway, pushing it up:

Bamboo under driveway

And even between the deck boards and behind the shop siding:

Bamboo behind shop siding

So it was time for it to go. Today, I took on that project, cutting the stalks to the ground using our heavy-duty loppers (one of my favorite tools; works better than most others).

Here’s the state partway through:

Bamboo next to shop

That square on the wall is where a fireplace vent used to be; another project on my list is to patch that, which I’ll probably do soon, now that it’s more visible.

All cut:

Cut bamboo next to shop

A view of the side of the shop; much more open with that bamboo gone:

Cut bamboo next to shop

In due course we’ll probably plant some shrubby things in that area.

The cut bamboo on the burn pile (which won’t actually be burned for several months at the earliest):

Bamboo on burn pile

This battle isn’t over; the bamboo will continue to sprout for several months. I’ll need to spray it and continue cutting it for a while, until it eventually admits defeat.

We also have another stand of bamboo on the other side of the shop, which is also spreading, and needs to go. A project for another day.

We have one more large stand of bamboo by the pond, but it is fairly well contained (using heavy duty pond liner), and not near any structures or driveways, so it can remain.

Don’t plant bamboo, people. It’s nasty stuff.

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