Ducklings day 61: Bert vs Sven

As mentioned yesterday, Bert really doesn’t like Sven. I don’t know what his problem is, but he keeps chasing Sven.

First, some glowy Rouens:

Glowy Rouens

Looking at them from across the pond:

From across the pond

Resting in the duck house; that’s Sven on the left at the back, and Betty next to him:

Resting in duck house

Sven with a Rouen:

Resting in duck house

Then along comes Bert:

Bert chasing Sven

And Sven quickly retreated:

Bert chasing Sven

A GIF of Bert chasing Sven across the pond:

GIF of Bert chasing Sven

A somewhat more clear picture:

Bert chasing Sven

They’re just going to have to sort that out themselves.

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