Ducklings day 60: sixty, really?

Sixty days sounds like a lot, but is only about 8.5 weeks.

The ducks swimming and/or sleeping on the pond at night (they can swim with half their brain and sleep with the other half):

Night ducks

Greeting the ducks in their run in the morning:

Morning ducks

Morning ducks

Leafy treats:

Morning ducks

Morning ducks

Morning ducks

Ducks jumping into the pond:

Ducks jumping into pond

Hmm, the pop door didn’t open on the duck house this morning; the opener had an error, so maybe needs more attention. I recalibrated (again), and will see if it opens tomorrow:

Pop door opener error

Afternoon treats from the pond deck:



Bert seems to have taken a disliking to Sven; he chased him away from the treats:


I’ve seen Bert chasing Sven several times. He doesn’t chase any of the other ducks. Sven will be bigger than Bert when fully grown, so the tables may turn on that.

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